Club Information

Step 1: Weva registration (USA volleyball)

WEVA Registration is REQUIRED PRIOR to Tryouts. Please use the Registration Link below in order to register through WEVA to participate in the upcoming Tryouts. When prompted for your Club, please choose IMPACT VBC, unless your athlete is trying out for more than one club, in which case registration should be listed as “undecided” until a club is selected. Note that there is a $62 WEVA membership fee, payable on-line at the time of registration. This fee is nonrefundable. If your player is not currently registered with WEVA, you may select First Time Registration and choose “tryout registration” option for $15.00. 

We get the majority of our IMPACT information directly from the WEVA registration. Please be sure your contact information is correct and complete when you register.


Tryout registration is REQUIRED. Register for tryouts by competing the WEVA registration AND the IMPACT Tryout registration as indicated above. Be sure to select IMPACT VBC as your Club. You MUST bring a copy of your USA VB Membership Card to the first tryouts as proof of WEVA registration. There will be NO on-site registration for Tryouts.

Tryout Fee

IMPACT charges a tryout fee of $35 to cover facility and equipment costs for tryouts. Acceptable payment methods include: check, cash, Venmo, cash app, or PayPal. If you bring a check, please make it payable to IMPACT Volleyball Club, with your daughter’s name and eligibility age noted in the memo field. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt. The tryout fee is required in order for an athlete to walk onto the court for tryouts. The tryout fee is not refundable, even if your daughter is not placed on a team or chooses not to accept a place on an IMPACT team.

Age Groupings for Tryouts

Please check the following schedule for your athlete’s eligibility age for 2022-2023. Athletes can play at their eligibility age or above. 


Age appropriate for 18s team (DOB on or after 7/1/2004)

Age appropriate for 17s team (DOB on or after 7/1/2005)

Age appropriate for 16s team (DOB on or after 7/1/2006)

Age appropriate for 15s team (DOB on or after 7/1/2007)

Age appropriate for 14s team (DOB on or after 7/1/2008)

Bring to Tryouts

  • Proof of WEVA registration
  • $35 Tryout Fee
  • Shirt Color Based on Age:
    • 18’s – Black
    • 17’s – Gray
    • 16’s – White
    • 15’s – Blue
    • 14’s – Red

Come dressed to play. Bring your energy and your smile. And bring a water bottle.

2022-2023 Club team practice

Dates:  Practice starts in November 2022 . See Home page for more information.

tournament attendance

Volleyball is a team sport. All members of the team are important to its success.

Players are encouraged to attend as many scheduled tournaments as possible with their teams.

Of course, we understand that players and their families have other commitments in their lives besides volleyball.

Players are to let their coaches know as soon as possible which tournaments they are definitely going to attend and those they can’t.  If you do not intend to go to any given tournament or if your plans change, there are no trip/tournament refunds.  The club fees include tournament fees divided by the number of players on the team regardless of attendance.


The Club strives to keep costs reasonable to allow for maximum participation. Club fees include gym fees; coaching; coach WEVA membership and training fees; tournament entry fees; uniforms; Club and coach expenses; equipment etc.

Additional expenses, such as hotel stays, travel, food, and spandex are not covered in the season fee, and are the responsibility of the player and the player’s family. (We will try to keep this as inexpensive as possible.)

Team members and the parents of team members must be prepared to support the travel, cost and time commitments necessary to participate in all Club activities.

club travel arrangements

Our Team Parent Reps will do the legwork of coordinating travel, directions, hotel arrangements, contracts, contact person, etc., for club hotel travel when necessary.

Each team – players, coaches and parents – will receive an email with information for all planned away tournaments requiring overnight travel.

The Team Parent Rep will help parents make the necessary arrangements or coordinate group arrangements where appropriate.

Hotels/Rooms are booked for ‘group rates,’ with consideration of keeping cost at a minimum.  Therefore, because of the large numbers of rooms being booked, we are held to contract terms and have ‘a drop date’ (usually about 2 weeks prior). This will require that ALL booked rooms are Confirmed, or Dropped if they are no longer needed.  After that date, the club is responsible for the cost of all rooms we confirmed. 

COST factors

WEVA Fee. There is a $62 WEVA fee due at registration.  This fee is due PRIOR to tryouts and is paid directly to WEVA on-line at the time of registration.  These monies provide for insurance for each player under USA Volleyball guidelines.  This money is nonrefundable, even if you are not selected for a team, decide not to join the Club, or leave the Club prior to the end of the season, for whatever reason. IMPACT makes no money from this fee. 

Tryout Fee. There is a Tryout Fee, payable to IMPACT at the first day of Tryouts BEFORE a player is allowed on the court. This fee helps to cover gym costs for tryouts as well as some administrative and equipment costs. This money is nonrefundable, even if you are not selected for a team or decide not to join the Club.

Tournament Entry Fees. Tournament entry fees are divided by all the players on the team, regardless of whether you are attending the tournament or not. A small portion is also required to support coach cost/travel/accommodations, where necessary.

Gym Costs. Gym costs are a major expense and are divided among the entire Club.
Equipment Costs. These costs are divided among the entire Club. This includes balls, ball carts, ball bags, scoreboards, first aid supplies, and other related equipment.

Coaches’ costs.
 These are divided among the Club and include costs such as: mandatory WEVA certification and membership, mandatory background checks, travel, food and lodging costs, and membership fees.

Uniform costs. Uniform costs are included in the Team costs. National and Regional teams will receive 2 jerseys. Local teams will receive 1 jersey. Players need to provide their own black spandex.

2022-2023 club costs

Club Fees are projected based on 10-12 players per team. 

Regional TeamsClub Fees
14’s and 15’s$1,250
16’s, 17’s, 18’s$1,350

Payment due dates for regional club teams

WEVA Registration:​ $62 WEVA Membership Fee (due on-line at the time of WEVA registration)

Tryout Fee:​ $35.00 Tryout Fee, due at the start of the tryout session.

Club Fees:

Payment #1: $350, due with submission of contract
Payment #2: $350, due November 14, 2022

Payment #3: $350, due January 9, 2023

Payment #4: $200 (14s/15s), $300 (16/17/18s) due February 13, 2023 

Additional Fees. We strive to keep additional fees to a minimum. Additional fees, such as additional tournament fees should a team decide to add tournaments, will be due as they are incurred. We appreciate everyone’s commitment and timely payment of necessary costs.

All Payments need to be made by Check or Money Order, payable to IMPACT Volleyball, and should include the athlete’s name in the memo field.

Payments should be mailed to:

IMPACT Volleyball

124 Coneflower Dr

West Henrietta, NY 14586

Or Venmo us @impactvbcroc

Any questions about payments should be directed to Melissa Scott at

Any players whose accounts are in arrears will not be allowed to practice or play with the team.

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